BOXLAB does not see itself as a classic supplier
or wholesaler of labels.

Rather, we see ourselves as a service provider. Together with our customers, we optimize label and packaging processes in the areas of procurement, storage, handling and disposal through individually developed system solutions and the associated increases in efficiency.

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BOXLAB Services optimizes label and packaging processes - especially in highly regulated industries. We achieve this with an app-based method for replacing damaged cardboard boxes and providing individual services in the field of labels and packaging materials. In this way, we reduce waste, costs and complexity for our customers. That's why we develop products with the ambition to increase economic and environmental sustainability for the community. BOXLAB Services stands for honest and reliable cooperation at eye level, together with our partners and customers.

Dangerous Goods

In transport and logistics, dangerous goods are substances, preparations and objects that contain ingredients which, due to their nature or properties - physical or chemical - or their condition during transport, may pose certain risks to public safety or order, in particular to the general public, important public goods, human life and health, animals and property, and which are classified as dangerous goods by law.


Placards are square, diamond-shaped stickers for the transport of dangerous goods and are affixed upright on the top. The color and number of the hazard label usually indicates the class of dangerous goods. Placards are used to mark dangerous goods on trucks. For example, the color and the pictogram provide rescue workers with information at first glance about the expected hazards at the scene of an accident. Placards are subject to strict legal requirements that must be strictly adhered to when printing and attaching them to the truck.

About BOXLAB Services

We are a start-up spun off from BASF and deal with the optimization of labels and packaging processes - especially in the area of hazardous goods. Our customer base now includes over 50 warehouses in five countries. We developed, tested and successfully launched our entire operational business and initial service offering within three months. For the future, we are now planning to expand these services so that the customer can be provided with a fully comprehensive solution around labeled packaging.